Consumer notices

Illinois Department of Insurance (January 6, 2016, revised)

Illinois Disaster Declaration Guidelines

Effective December 29, 2015 Governor Bruce Rauner declared Alexander, Calhoun, Christian, Clinton, Cass, Cumberland, Douglas, Iroquois, Jackson, Jersey, Lawrence, Marion, Madison, Monroe, Morgan, Menard, Moultrie, Pike, Randolph, Richland, Sangamon, St. Clair, and Vermilion counties state disaster areas.

To help provide safeguards for consumers and to ensure that those affected by this disaster do not suffer unnecessary hardship, the following guidelines will be followed for affected insurance policies issued by Markel Corp.’s subsidiaries and affiliates:

  • Cancellations or nonrenewal notifications issued between December 29, 2015 and February 29, 2016 are hereby withdrawn, and any coverage impacted by such notices is reinstated without any lapse.  Newly issued cancellation and non-renewal notices for impacted policyholders will be withheld until February 29, 2016. 
  • A minimum 60 day extension (from the last date allowed) will be granted to affected policyholders for any policy provisions or other requirements that impose a time limit for an insured or claimant to perform any act.
  • Late fees and installment fees will be waived during this period.

Consumers may contact the Illinois Department of Insurance if they wish to file a complaint regarding any disaster-related dispute or issue.

Complaints may be filed by calling the Department’s toll-free complaint hotline at 1-866-445-5364 or submitting a complaint online at: