Green Design CenterSM
Focusing on the Risk Management aspects of Green Design

Recognizing the increasing interest in green or sustainable design and the new kinds of liability risks that may be associated with it, Markel, as a leader in Designed Protection® for Architects and Engineers, has assembled this Green Design Center for policyholders.  Here we gather green or sustainable design resources of interest to architects and engineers - always with an eye to liability risk management.  These resources will continue to be expanded and currently include:

Green Design Hotline Panel - Attorneys with green design risk management and litigation related credentials are available to policyholders to discuss green design service concerns in general terms.  Because any given situation can be complex and location specific, it is highly recommended that any action taken should first be reviewed with a retained and appropriate professional. 

Markel Guide to Green Design - this Guide covers a broad range of green design practice ideas with a focus on potentially avoiding or mitigating risk.   

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