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Risk Management Resources

Insurance Agents and Brokers Hotline - Our Risk Management Hotline panel is available to answer general professional liability risk management related questions. Please note that no formal record is made of your call by the panel member or by anyone at Markel, providing you with the complete freedom and confidentiality to ask questions. You can choose to contact any of the panel members.

Risk Management Guide for All Professionals - Our Designed Protection Professional Practices Guide presents 230 Risk Management strategies that professional service firms can use to reduce the risk of professional liability exposure.  This Guide is the product of collectively accumulated knowledge during over 30 years of underwriting and handling of varied professional liability claims.  We have done our best to provide valuable strategies for addressing many aspects of professional liability risk management.  We encourage you to read through the Guide and distribute it to your staff members. 

Top 10 Tips for Professional Liability Avoidance

Professional Liability Risk Management Notes - This periodically updated listing includes brief introductions to broadly applicable Risk Management ideas to provide starting points for further exploration.

Avoiding Agent & Broker Professional Liability Claims by John Wersyn, Claim Manager at Markel.